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bored. [21 Nov 2006|01:48pm]
i'm really bored and just felt like typing about something. even though nobody really reads these i think it's good to get your feelings out somehow lol. things have changed ALOT since the last time i updated. kevin and i broke up AGAIN! buuut now we are back together lol. we broke up last month and it was FOR GOOD this time. his idea of course. well the next day i was thinkin bout alot of stuff and then realized i was "two weeks late". my sister and i went to go get a test annnnd yea..said pregnant. i took like 5 and they all said the same. i told kevin and i went over to ryans that night to see him and everything. so we got back together but i'm not pregnant anymore. i lost the baby..i was really upset and so was kevin but everything happens for a reason. now kevin and i are doing really good and i think that me being pregnant brought us closer again :) i'm bout to get a job at the sunglass hut lol or k-mart. i NEED one bad! and also through all of this stuff that has been going on i finally realized who are the ones that are going to be here for me. they only wanna talk to me when they are going through shit, but when i'm going through shit i don't hear from them at all. it's sad how you can lose best friends so fast. especially when you get a new boyfriend and yea that takes up alot of your time. BUT anyways.. i love my sister. she is seriously my best friend.. i don't know i would do without her. regardless of what i've been through she has been there for me through thick n thin. she has never given up on me and helps me through any situation. well i'm gonna go..
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so bored bored bored [31 Aug 2006|12:33pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i really don't think anyone reads these anymore. but i'm so bored and i just wanted to type lol. this past summer wasn't really fun for me. kevin and i were broken up for most of the summer. he broke up with me two times. he would break up with me and then tell me he made an mistake and we would get back together. then we would argue some more and he broke up with me again. he said it was for good this time. that he didn't love me the same anymore. then he got back together with me and then broke up with me that same day. i shoulda never got back together with him. BUT we started talkin again and we both wanted to be with each other, but knew that we had alot of things to work out before we do. well we are back together again and we are still workin out alot of our issues. things are startin to get alot better though. and he basically already told me we are gettin married haha. i can see myself spendin the rest of my life with him though so it's alll goood. i just don't know what i would do if i ever lost him again. i don't want to know cause it hurt REALLLY bad. it's also hard cause he is still in school. i bout to get a job soon though and i know things will start gettin better after that. onto another subject. one of my BEST friends went off to college. gregory. he only went to MTSU though soo it's not that bad. he still comes back on the weekends. kimber is now single. thank God. i didn't really like her with beckett. she can do so much better. amanda and i are startin to become good friends again. we don't really hang out that much, but i know i could call her for anything. i would have to say the person i am really close to right now with be my cousin kelli. i can talk to her about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. and also my sister. well i think i'm going to go and get in the shower. i'm supposed to go and get my hair cut around 3 anndd i'm hungry. ok so i am going to go now. peeaaccee

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[16 Jun 2006|11:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so i haven't updated in a long time and since i'm at home waiting for my loving boyfriend to call me i figured i'd update :]

so i've graduated. and i'm not ready to start my life, as in going to college. i'm still wantin to be a kid, without the highschool situation. i'm not ready to grow up, but i guess you just have to. i'm still with kevin. it will be a year next month. i'm so excited, he's amazing. we've had our downfalls, but it's whatever. we've got past them and i guess we are doing alright. anyways, the past week i was in california with him and his family. it was great.. it was so much fun. we went to the lake and went campin. then i went to VEGAS with kevin, mark, and amy and kevin's grandparents. it was fun. well today my sister got her license and we went drivin around. fun fun. now i'm sittin at home waitin for kevin to call me. he's at josh's house aannndd he's drinkin soooo i doubt he's gonna call me tonight. UGHH he gets on my nerves sometimes. well i guess i'm gonna go.. peeaacce

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*memories* [18 Jan 2006|06:58pm]
it's funny how people change so much. how one year you can go from being the best of friends to being just a stranger you pass in the hall. you can think you love someone and you will never get over them and then you meet someone else who changes your whole life around. why i'm writin this is because i was readin all my livejournal entries and realized how much i matured and so many things that i went through. i remember going through some things in my life and thinking that i'm never going to get through them. i remember in 8th grade i met some of the people i will NEVER EVER forget. i changed so much since the 8th grade, but then again.. who doesn't?! in 8th grade my *gurls* were erica elliott, meleighsa miller, kristen chester, lindsey jones, heather toon, and lots more. my BEST friend was laura nave. i remember we were always with each other. there was also this guy.. he made me so depressed lol. i even tried to end my life over it. then 9th grade came along and i didn't really hang out with much of them anymore. i only hung out with laura. we started hangin out less with each other cause she started hanging out with amanda dirks. i was so jealous. but if she didn't start hangin out with amanda i wouldn't be best friends with her right now. 10th grade amanda and i were best friends. laura was always actin like she was too good for us. it's ok though, i don't really like her that much anymore lol. charlsie griffin was my other best friend. then i met matt newcomb. went out with him a couple of times. gave it away to him. i thought i was so in love with him. him and i have always been off and on. i also started hanging out with meghan grainger. her and i became REALLY good friends also. i never really kept much of my best friends, but amanda has always been there for me. her and i are still best friends. 11th grade.. i'll admit.. i was a pothead. i started chillin with my cousin and his friends. i dated ryan russell for awhile, but we all know he's scared of girls. then levi arel and i had something going on. then i met gregory bronson. we went to church with each other for a L0ONGG time. never talked to each other today. we both liked each other, but decided that friends were better. now we are like best friends. that summer i went to the pool every single day w/ amanda, ryan, LEVI BLACK (MY BEST FRIEND 4 LYFE), and levi arel. greg came up to see me all the time. i hung out with samantha and smoked with her ALL the time. the titanic bitch!! then 4th of July weekend at the pool i met the love of my life. KEViN MATTHEW TUTEN!! we've been together since july 23rd. he's prob. the best things that has ever happend to me. i know that i could actually spend the rest of my life with him. i lost him once and that was a STUPiD mistake of mine.. but i know that i'll never lose him again. & that's how my life got to where i'm at now.

ok so i'm sure none of yall really care bout that, but i just wanted to write about. maybe cause i'm really bored.. idk. i guess you don't really think about how good ur life has gottin. mine has gottin really good. ♥
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new LJ name [14 Nov 2005|12:06pm]
i have a new LiveJournal.

it's: x_stfu_biitch_x
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yes, i'm bored [10 Nov 2005|11:14pm]
so i'm just going to do ALOT of surveys.. i think. it depends on if i start gettin tired or not :D

[+] been drunk.
[+] smoked pot.
[+] kissed a member of the opposite sex.
[+] kissed a member of the same sex.
[-] rode in a taxi.
[+] been dumped.
[+] shoplifted
[+] been fired.
[+] been in a fist fight.
[+] had sex.
[-] had a threesome
[-] been arrested.
[+] made out with a stranger.
[+] stole something from your job
[-] celebrated new years in times square.
[+] went on a blind date .
[+] lied to a friend.
[-] had a crush on a teacher.
[-] celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans.
[-] been to europe.
[+] skipped school.
[-] lost your sibling.
[+] played 'clue'.
[+] had a sleepover party.
[-] went ice skating.
[-] cheated on a bf/gf.
[+] been cheated on.
[-] had a quinceanera.
[+] drove illegally

do you...
[+] have a bf.
[-] have a gf.
[-] have a crush.
[+] feel loved.
[-] feel lonely .
[+] feel happy.
[-] hate yourself.
[+] think your attractive.
[-] have a dog.
[+] have your own room.
[+] listen to rap.
[+] listen to rock.
[-] listen to soul.
[-] listen to techno.
[-] listen to reggae.
[+] paint your nails.
[+] have more than 1 best friend.
[-] get good grades.
[-] play an instrument.
[-] have slippers.
[-] wear boxers.
[+] wear underwear in general
[+] wear thongs.
[+] wear black eyeliner.
[+] like the color blue.
[+] like the color yellow.
[-] cyber or have before.
[+] like to read.
[-] like to write.
[=] have long hair .
[=] have short hair .
[+] have a cell phone.
[-] have a laptop.
[-] have a pager.

five songs you love:
At the moment
1. Crazy Bout Ya -Mercedes ft. Master P
2. Put It On Me -JaRule
3. Late Night Tip -Three Six Mafia
4. Nobody Knows It but Me -Tony Rich Project
5. Cool People -Haystak

three people that make me smile:
1. Kevin
2. Kimber
3. My Mom

five things i do daily:
1. Talk to Kevin
2. Shower
3. Laugh
4. Sleep
5. Eat

seven things that annoy me:
1. whores
2. cheaters
3. liars
4. pretty boys
5. fake people
6. grounding
7. two faced friends

five things i am looking forward to:
1. kelli stayin the night
2. seeing kevin tomorrow
3. going to the parade
4. gettin my permit haha
5. the FUTURE

three things i am afraid of:
1. graduating
2. spiders
3. being alone

three people i talk to daily:
1. Kevin
2. My Mom
3. Markie

two foods i could live off of:
1. fried cheese sticks
2. mexican food

unforgettable moments:
1. meetin kevin
2. the clubhouse!
3. last yr w/ jb & all of them

person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. kevin

name four bad habits you have:
1. not trustin people
2. cussin
3. thinkin too far into things
4. idk

name four scents you love:
1. TrIaNgLe
2. vanilla lace
3. tommy (mens)
4. mac n cheese

name four things you never wear:
1. hats
2. vests
3. brown & black
4. socks w/sandals

name four things i am thinking about right now:
1. Kevin
2. tomorrow
3. willie
4. my minutes

name four things that i did today:
1. talked to kevin
2. went to school
3. went to red lobsters
4. swallowed my spit

name the last four things i bought:
1. earings
2. smooth
3. wendys's
4. pool ticket

name three people i would like to spend time with:
1. Kevin
2. My diabetic dog
3. &my niggas
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when it all comes down.. [10 Nov 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i had a good day at school today. & it wasn't b/c i got to see my "friends" lol kelli.. it was b/c i got to do school work! haha. annnyyywwwaayyss.. my momma picked me up from school and we went to go get zachary. then we went to take him to get his hair "spiked". it looks too cute. well then we went to go pick up kevin. he went out to eat with me and my whole family at red lobsters. it was my uncle's bday. i ♥ kelli & jb. my favorite cousins in the WHOLE world. they are great. kelli&kyle=A GOOD MATCH. lol.. tomorrow kelli is going to stay the night with me and we are going to hang out w/ kyle and my love, kevin. after that kevin came back to my house and we talked about everything. he made me feel a lil bit better about everything that has been going on. & made me realize that there are some people you just can't trust. & i'm gonna have to live with that no matter how hard it hurts to hear that ur closest friend talk shit bout you. well then my brother called and asked how i've been doing. i told him not too great and he talked to me. we talked for about 45min. he made me feel a whole lot better.. i miss him! i just feel like no one understands me and i have no one to talk to. i mean yeah i have family, i have my sister, and i have kevin. but i don't have my best friend. it's like sharing my best friend with someone else. i'm not being selfish.. it's just hard to explain. i think i'm gonna get off of here though and go get some sleep. i shouldn't be worryin about all of this.. i should look on the positive side of things. maybe this change is for the best..♥

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sick.. [08 Nov 2005|10:27am]
[ mood | mellow ]

so i'm going to start w/ last friday. kevin and i have been fightin like all week and we was supposed to come over, but i call his house and he's with kyle. :/ BUT he called me when he got home and my mom said that she would take me over to his house. so i went over there friday night. samantha was over there and so was kristen, obviously. we had fun. then my mom came and got me and i went home. i talked on the phone with my baby and then went to SLEEP.

saturday woke up.. kimber and i cleaned.. i was THINKIN [keywords] bout goin over meleighsa's but i didn't want to hang out with meghan cause all she does is talk bout people. so we are no longer friends. but instead i went over to kevin's house. and then beckett came and picked me up and took me and kimber home. "i had a sucker yesterday.. it was cherry".."i'm gettin a computer.. it's a dell" haha..i love our random talks lol. then kimber and i went to sleep!

sunday.. went to church.. kimber stayed home cause she was sick. came home and went to krogers and target with my momma. came home and spent the day with kimber. "hey.. what's your favorite color?" haha. then i talked on the phone with kevin.. and he was being really sweet :]

monday.. went to school, but came home early cause i wasn't feelin good. watched all the die hard movies. lol.. and yeah.OH YEAH.. & of course watched LaGuNa BeAcH. went to sleep but woke up cause kevin called me.. got off the phone with him cause i was really tired! but he called me back to tell me that he loved me. i love it when he does that<3

today.. sittin here at home cause i still don't feel all that good. kevin just called me.. he didn't go to school today either.. he's with levi, kyle, and all of them. smokin.. then i think he's comin over here.. YaY! cause i miss him. well i'm gonna go now and find somethin else to do. PeAcE♥

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remain the same chick u fell in love wit [11 Oct 2005|01:07pm]
[ mood | sick ]

okay. i'm gonna start with last saturday. amanda came over cause i called her cryin. kevin was bout to go fight like 8 dudes with just him and his brother. and he also heard some stuff that wasn't true and it upset me.. but amanda came over and we had fun. kevin came over that night & amanda stayed the night. sunday amanda came to church with me and the church service was sooo boring. sunday school was alright though. only b/c i got to see my SSBF! Gregory Bronson!! lol he's crazy. then we came home and i went to Markie's bday party with kevin. i also got to meet his older brother Mark. then i went back to kevin's after that. my mom came to get me around 7:30 and i went over to amanda's house with meghan, and meleighsa. monday meleighsa brought me home and then around 5 my mom picked up kevin and brought him to my house. i wasn't feelin good though. i think i have a virus or somethin cause i'm still not feelin good. well now i'm sittin here waitin for kevin to call me back. i think i'm goin to go to sleep or somethin cause i'm really tired and don't feel good. okay.. peace♥

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last night was bad :[ [08 Oct 2005|10:46am]
[ mood | kinda down ]

ok. well last night my cousin got jumped by nick moody and 12 other guys. stupid fuckers. he got hurt like reallllly bad. his ribs are fucked up.. his face.. & his shoulder. but it's not over yet. nick and the rest of them are going to get it done right back to them. there are like 20 guys after them right now. i think more than that. they already found some of them last night and made them say sorry. i was crying and everything and i told my sister and she is reallly mad. i hate them so much. u must don't fight with 12 guys against one. that's not even a fight. they took it too far...

i didn't get to see kevin last night at all cause he was too busy tryin to find nick and them. i really miss him cause i haven't seen him since last sunday. but i think i'm gonna go over to his house today. or he may come over here. && i think i'm doing something with amanda today. idk.. i have alot of time cause we don't have to go to school till next thursday!! :]

well i think i'm going to go now and finish getting ready. & then just wait for kevin to call me. ♥

i love kevin matthew tuten♥♥♥

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i got my homecoming outfit! [21 Sep 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | okay ]

what up? i just got home from the mall bout 45 min ago. i finally got my homecoming outfit. i'm happy.. don't have to worry bout it anymore. today we really boring & it went by really slow. i had credit recovery after school. things are going really good though. this friday will be two months for me and kevin. greg and i are startin to talk more again. just like old times lol. my grades are REALLY good this year. except one class, but i'm really working hard on it. i have great friends. & most of all.. me and my parents have been gettin along really good lately. oh yeah.. & we got a hampster lol. his name is jack jack hall. zachary named him so yeah, that explains it. well i think i'm going to go and just wait for kevin to call. i can't wait till this week is over with.. i don't like school. okay.. peace. <3

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okkk.. [06 Sep 2005|06:54pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

this is how my weekend went..

-kevin came over right after school. & he made me a cd<3 lol yeah it was his own voice and everything. riiight lol. well we were downstairs and i hear the door open &&&&&& guess who it is?!?! KIMBER! yay lol. i forgot that she was comin over and i was really happy. then later on that night beckett came over. then kevin and beckett went home. then kimber and i went to sleep. i think lol. i don't really remember.

-kimber&i woke up. we played "Clue" & "Guess Who?". then beckett came over and the three of us watched the UT game. then amanda came over cause she promised the would spend the whole day with me cause i was grounded and not allowed to go anywhere. thheeennn kevin came over. and thennn GoOcH came over. so gooch, kevin, beckett, amanda, kimber, and i went outside and hung out for a lil bit. it was fun. then beckett and gooch left.. and kevin stayed a little while longer. we got into fight but we worked out our issues lol. then he went home. & amanda, kimber, andd i had a water balloon fight. it was more like just throw the water bolloons at amanda fight lol. then the three of us went walkin around the block..at 11pm..hoping my parents wouldn't find out. lol yeah, we still act like we are in middle school. then we came it and went to sleep.

- CHURCH. amanda, kimber, and i didn't feel like going so kimber had an idea for us to take a long time gettin ready and not be ready in time to leave. yeah well we did that.. and my mom got mad and told us to stay home cause we weren't ready when i was time to leave. kimber and i got all happy until my mom said "kimber & kayla, i want ya'll to clean your room, the dishes, and downstairs. and don't ask to do anything for the rest of the day!" lol. yeah. well while they were gone the 3 of us watched movie. "GO ROCKY, GO ROCKY, GO ROCKY, GO!" hah. that was so funny. theeenn i cleaned the dishes, kimber cleaned our room, and amanda cleaned downstairs. amanda left. kimber made her and i some chicked since our mom and dad went out to eat w/out us! then we watched 3 episodes?sp? lol of Laguna Beach. we watched Forest Gump. annd we watched The Waterboy. "GAATTTOOORRAADDEE." "H2O!" "GAATTTOORRAADDEE." "H2O!" lol. another one of our ->>inside<<- jokes. then we went to sleep.

-woke up around 9:30. went shopping with my mom, g-ma, and aunt. my mom bought me 3jeans, a shirt, 5pairs of socks, 3underwear lol, and a purse. then we went out to eat. then my mom and i went to target and tj max. then we went to go pick up kevin and we went home. when we got there beckett and kimber were watchin a movie so kevin and i watched the movie with them. then kevin, beckett, kimber, mom, and dad went outside to play basketball. i watched tv. then beckett, kimber, kevin, and i watched a movie. then my dad took kevin and beckett home. then later on that night i talked on the phone with kevin and he told me somethin and we got into a big fight. i'm still kinda mad about it, but i'm startin to get over it. well we got off the phone cause my dad came in and told kimber and i it was time to go to bed lol so we had to get off the phone. then 15 min. later kevin called me just to tell me that he loved me :] then i went to sleep.

..tUeSdAy..EXTREMELY</b> bored. & now i'm going to go cause my keyboard is a piece of shit and if i type on it any longer i'm going to go crazy. ♥

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some people are fuckin stupid.. [03 Sep 2005|01:22pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ok.. i think it's really stupid of someone to talk shit bout someone to that person's best friend! do u really think that she is not goin to tell me?? umm yeah, well she does. & it's sad that i'm not even suprised that i heard u was talkin shit cause that is all u fuckin do. as soon as someone leaves u got shit to say bout them. and i'm so sick and tired of it. just wait though.. one day all that shit is gonna come back down on u and all i'm gonna do is sit there and laugh in ur fuckin face. at least i know who my real friends are.. and i know who the fake ones are. annnnndddd one more thing.. that thing u said bout me.. u have no room to talk. if u wanna know what i'm talkin bout then just ask me.. but i ain't gon say any names on here. annyyyywwwwwwaaaaaayyyyyssss. on to better things. my BEST friend amanda is comin over today to spend the day with me lol. i hate being grounded! kevin came over on sunday and last night. so i'm happy i still get to see him. annnd NO i wouldn't choose him over my best friend. another thing that pisses me off. he made me a cd though. annnd kimber is here this weekend..so it's not so bad.

"yo yo homeboy pass me that..[he hits it].. yo this is the song i wrote for the girl i love.. her name.. mary jane" haha.. <3

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i have a bbg!! & u don't.. [30 Aug 2005|12:37pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

ok i'm really bored so i'm gonna update in this here thing. i think it's really stupid that they closed schools.. but hey, it is the montogomery county school system. && it is good to have a day off from school, so i'm not complaining. well i can really do anything today cause i'm grounded. my sister and i got in trouble on friday.. my 17th bday! so i can't do anything for 2 weeeks.. but that's better than how much my sister got in trouble. she can't do anything for a month! so that must suck! well i think i'm i'm gonna go now and talk to kevin. <3

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i hate drama [14 Aug 2005|01:21am]
[ mood | mischievous ]

okay. yesterday i hung out with meleighsa, amanda, and meghan. it was fun. i guess u can say. yeah "BACKSEAT GiRLS".. it is cool. well we stayed the night at meghan's. then today i came home. i heard somes stuff bout kevin, but it wasn't true. he came over around six and we chilled lol. i love being with him. then amanda came over and we had a pillow fight. i hit amanda in the eye with my elbow. lol.. i felt so bad.. i didn't mean to though. then meleighsa came over and channing came to pick up kevin. then meleighsa, amanda, and i went to the rodeo. it was so much fun. then as we were leaving some girls started talkin shit to me bout kevin. amanda took care of it though. she was gettin buck with them haha. they ain't gonna do shiiit. then meleighsa took amanda home and we went to wendy's. now we are sittin here.. talkin shit bout people lol. ha ha ha ha. i promise it's not u though. ok.. i'm gonna go now. peeeeeeaaaaaaacccceeee NICCA♥

oOh i tHiNk DeY LiKe Me?!

okaaay! [11 Aug 2005|08:59pm]
[ mood | cramps suck! ]

ok since i haven't updated in a long time i'm gonna start with tuesday. the first day of school sucked! i mean i guess it was alright, buuut it could have been better. the only good thing about it is that i have a class with meghan and amanda. then i have lunch with them also. well after that meleighsa and i went to kevin's house. lol michael is funny. then we went somewhere with meghan and amanda. i forgot where though. then meleighsa and i went to sonic. then i had to go home cause i had to clean and shit before people came over. so meleighsa and i "cleaned" lol. then kevin came over and the three of us started watchin a movie, but then meghan, lindsey, and amanda came over. so the six of us went to the riverwalk. a cute little black boy started throwin stuff at meleighsa and i haha. it was funny. then we took kevin home and meghan, amanda, and meleighsa stayed the night with me. i talked to kevin on the phone for the rest of the night and then i went to sleep. wednesday i woke up, got in the shower, talked on the phone with kevin. then meleighsa, meghan, amanda, and i went to go take lindse to et her haircut. we tried on dresses! oh and amanda, meleighsa, and i are the BACKSEAT GiRLS. records are comin out soon. it's gon be SHiNY. haha. umm then we went to kevin's around 7 somethin. came home at 9thirty and talked on the phone with kevin. then went to sleep. today i woke up. talked on the phone with kevin and amanda. got ready for school. umm boring day at school. then i came home and meleighsa called and wanted to go do somethin cause we were both VERY bored. we went to kevin's. stayed over there till six. came home. then went to go get school supplies with my mom. came home. and now i'm on here. annnnd now i'm gonna go call kevin back. peace♥

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a survey bitch [08 Aug 2005|02:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

our love would never end♥
amanda&&meghan&&meleighsa need to hurry&&come home! :[

Wat's your name?: Kayla
What origin is yiur name from?: hell if i know
What does it mean?: ??
How old are you?: 16
Is that a fun age?: hell naw
Where do you live?: the beautiful TENNESSEE ..the ViLLe lol
Did you chose to live there, or do you have to?: i have to, but i would chose to live here
When will you move?: never
How many languages do you speak?: only one
Color: Orange
Country: uh America
Band: 112
Singer: Usher
Italian person: ??
Guitarist: ??
Plant: daisies
Tree: um i dont know
Website: MySpace or Xanga
City: Clarksville
Survey: ?
Shirt: my Dixie Outfitter Shirt
Letter: T
Word: Yesir
Number: 21
School subject: NoNe
Word in another language: yO
Movie: The Notebook
Guitar solo: ?
Word association
Luca: Crazy
Accent: American
Steel: hell yeah.. ?
Metal: Bike
Shiny: wtf
Rome: nope
Light pole: watch out amanda
Clean: ahhhhh yup
Squishy: fish
Gargoyle: ?
Darkness: movie
Fast: car
Opera: hell no
Giraffe: zoo
What clothes are you wearing?: my UT shirt and some AE jeans.
What song are you listening to?: Mariah Carey.. some song
What are some lyrics from it?: As we drift off to another place of time
Reading any books? Which one?: who reads books?
What time is it?: 2:27 PM
Eating anything?: naw
Drinking anything?: naw, wish i was tho
Smelling anything?: no not really
Who's voice do you hear?: Mariah's
Currently obsessed with: yOu.. lol no. uhh idk?
Doing besides this survey?: waiting
Touching?: um the keyboard dumbass
Singing to anything?: yeah
BF/GF/husband/crush ect
Do you have one?: yes
Their name if you want to say: KeViN MaTThEw TuTeN♥
How long have you been together/crushing on them?: 2weeks&&2days
How did you meet?: at the swimmin hole.. lol the pool
Do you call each other a lot?: yes we do
Where do they live?: here
Do you see them often?: not as much i want to
Are they shiny?: ?
What kinda accent do they have?: Wiggerish haha. lol i'm j/p. American
Have you kissed yet?: yeahhhhh
What would you do if you broke up with them?: cry
If you have a husband: how long have you been married?:
When did you get married to them?:
Happy with your sig other?:
Have you ever?
Been to Italy?: no and don't plan on going
Been to another country?: nope
Met a celeberity? Who?: yes
Been to a concert? Which?: no
Watched a movie more than once in 1 day?: yeah
Skipped school?: hell yeah
Been in front on an audience?: yeah
Listened to Rhapsody?: no
Seen Kingdom of Heaven?: no
Met someone with autism?: yeah
Played an instrument?: no
Had a mullet?: lol no
Wanted a mullet?: no
Been as shiny as Italy?: wtf?
About the song you're listening to...
Which is it?: i dont know
By which band/singer?: Mariah CAREY
How long is it?: idk?
Which album is it on?: Greatest Hits
What number on the album is it?: 5
How much do you like this song?: it's aight
What's it about?: ?
What's your fave lyric?: don't have one
Who sings it?: omg we already went over this.. Mariah FUCKIN Carey
Who wrote it?: idk
What song is after the one you're listening to?: Butterfly
Is it on the same album or by the same band?: yea
How long is that one?: idk
Fave lyric from that one?: "when you love someone so deep that they become your life"
How much do you wanna destroy rap?: uh i LOVE rap!
If you like rap, WHY???: b/c it's clean
I'm hungry...are you?: hell naw bitch
Ever made a survey?: nope..
If so, what was the longest one you made?:
Do you have a live journal?: yeah
How shiny is Italy to you?: it ain't shiny
Do you know anyone Italian?: uh i don't think so
If so...I WANNA MEET THEM!!!: ur fuckin crazy
What was the last thing you said?: ur fuckin crazy
What was the last movie you watched?: Ocean's 12 w/ kevin
Ever taken the 5000 question survey? I have: no
How did you find Bzoink?: ?

Your ultimate meal!
What kinda food would it be?: southern food
Main dish?: fried chicken
Appetizers?: biscuits
Desert?: apple pie
Would it be healthy or unhealthy?: somewhat healthy
Would it be sweet, sour, spicy...?: neither
Ultimate vacation!
Where would you go?: California
Who would go with you?: Amanda and Meghan
How long would you stay?: idk.. whenever we run out of $money$
Who would you meet there?: idk
What would you see?: Californians lol
What would you buy?: stuff
Would you be sad when you had to leave?: no not really
Would you go back?: prolly not
How often?:
Would you wanna live there?: no
Would you understand the language they spoke there?: yeah
What/who are you obsessed with?: nothing
For how long?:
How did you get obsessed?:
Do your obsessions change lots?: kinda
What has been your longest obsession?: matt, but not anymore
Most fun?:
One that you spent the most money on?:
Least amount of money?:
Have you been obsessed with something your whole life?: no
What would you do if you could see/meet your obsession?
Are people annoyed cause of your obsession?: they were with matt
Any of your friends obsessed with this too?: i hope not
Would you be sad if you stopped being obsessed with this?:
Ever been mad at an obsession?: haha yeah
Why?: cause they are an asshole
How many obsessions have you had?: idk dang
Is it shiny?: no
What song are you obsessed with right now?: none
Do you like the word obsessed?: not anymore cause u used it so fuckin much
Are you very obsessive?: i can be
Who's the most obsessive person you know?: idk
The least?: idk
Have lotsa friends?: yeah!
Where do most of them live?: ClArKsViLLe
Do you talk to them a lot?: Yeah
Do you prefer person/phone/IM when talking to them?: talkin to them personally
Who are you closest to?: ALOT of them
Which friend...
Is from another country?: none
Can speak another language?: prob. none
Talks to you the most?: alot
The least?: ?
Watches the most movies?: Kimber
Is always online?: Greg
Takes the most surveys?: Amanda
Has been the greatest influence on your life?: Amanda
Is just like you?: Kimber
Is least like you?: ?
Goes to your school?: Amanda, Meghan, Meleighsa.. and alot more
Lives in your country but is from another country?: none
Is Italian?: None
Plays the most sports?: ?
Plays the coolest, most interesting sport?: none
Is themselves?: all of em
This is question 205...isn't it shiny?: hell yeahhh. :/
Have you ever made a survey this long: no
Well my friends...
The survey is over!: thank God
Enjoyed it?: no cause ur GAY and CRAZY

oOh i tHiNk DeY LiKe Me?!

..i have the best boyfriend.. [07 Aug 2005|10:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey. well kevin just left. i'm seriously falling for him. i love every minute that i'm with him. i just hope this never ends ♥

oOh i tHiNk DeY LiKe Me?!

it only matters if the butterflies are still there in the end <3 [07 Aug 2005|04:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hey. well things are okay. kevin and i are still together. i like him alot. i'm just hoping that things are going to work out. which i think they are, but u never know. well yesterday my sister kimber came over. kimber, zachary, my dad + mom, and i went swimmin in zach's little pool lol. it was fun. then we came in and kimber, dad, and i went to buy some movies. then we went to krogers. it was so much fun lol. yes, going to krogers and hollywood videos. then we came home and had a little party for my dad. cause his bday was on friday. then we watched a movie. then after that i called kevin back and talked to him till 2:30 in the freakin morning. which i don't care cause i like talkin to him. but i had to go to sleep cause i had church in the morning. well then today we all went to church and i talked to the wonderful gregory. haha.. what a pimp. HA HA.. right! naw i'm j/p. then i came home and talked to kevin. he's supposed to be comin over, but i don't know if he is or not. right now he's cleanin out is garage lol. & i'm just sittin here bored. amanda and meghan come home tomorrow! tomorrow is our last day of SUMMER BREAK! ahh.. i don't want to go to school. i hate SCHOOL! i'm just glad it's my last year though. well i think i'm gonna go cause i'm very bored and i don't really feel like writin in here anymore. ♥

oOh i tHiNk DeY LiKe Me?!

.. [05 Aug 2005|06:27pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

i hate boys!

oOh i tHiNk DeY LiKe Me?!

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